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Lj Rich

Polymathic Technologist: Lj Rich

LJ Rich is a music hacker, presenter and classical composer with the accolade of being a featured artist on streaming app Periscope. She’s also a part of BBC Click’s presenting team. She’s been busy since TDC 2015 in Newcastle! The last few months she’s been all over the place - from Harvard giving a talk and performance on how Synaesthesia can help with holistic approaches to problem solving to DJing at a 3D printing cafe in Tokyo. She wore a virtual reality headset whilst riding a real-life roller coaster in Germany. This summer, she created soundscapes with Novalia - making interactive installations for LA’s massive EDM festival Nocturnal Wonderland and the UK’s very own Bestival.

Visiting some of the world’s most innovative spaces gives LJ an amazing sense of what’s to come in terms of technology and creativity. From Boston’s MIT and Tokyo’s CEATEC Tech trade show to startups, labs and hackspaces across the globe, LJ’s also interviewed some of the world’s most influential people – including Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Last year she was invited to speak at TEDxTokyo where she talked openly about her synaesthesia and its role in her own creative process. She also showed self-built devices that aim to share her intense experience of the world with others. She’s excited to be part of the first TDC Manchester event.

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